Hobo Chen

Logarithmic Scale of Achievement in Computer Science

Inspired by Landau’s List, and to make it more clear that I am just a ordinary person, I created this list.

Considering the distinctiveness of computer science as a subject, which is being contributed by both scientists and engineers in all aspects, and whose inflence on human civilization is beyond comparison to any other subjects in this information era, and to make me included in that list, the threshold is considerably lower than Landau’s.

And considering I am just in 3, all the descriptions for some number larger than 3 is simply imagined or made up.

1: Can survive in modern information society. e.g. Know how to use search engines, how to send emails, how to shop online, how to install the driver of a new printer with user manual, etc. Most people(>98%) are here.

2: Have some knowledge of computer science, and have some skills. e.g. Know how to debug home network issues to find whether it is because ISP, router or the computer, know the ‘64G’ iPhone is storage rather than memory, know the skeleton of computer science, have the ability to read some prefessional docs like microsoft kb. People in 1 think they are the computer experts in real life.

3: Have more knowledge and skills, which is enough to make a living. e.g. IT engineers, software engineers, computer related hardware engineers, etc. This marks the beginning of professionalism and this means more or less contribution to informatization.

4: Have good understanding of CS. Have a broad view, and good taste of computer science and technology. Personally, I think this will at least require a good CS bachelor degree level education or something equivalent. This is the end with only diligence. They are good engineers or good PhD candidates. They are distinguishable why surrounded by people in 3.

5: Find something new or build something new for CS. At least, they will get a PhD degree or be essential for some really useful and interesting projects. They make a difference.

6: Publish some well-known papers. Contribute a lot to some well-known projects.

7: They continuously brings changes to computer science itself or human society with the help of computer science. They are IEEE fellows, remarkable leaders of big companys, and etc.

8: Contributes to human civiliazation in the field of computer science greatly, or contributes to informatization greatly. They will be likely to appear in history books. They are turing award winners, or people who change the lifestyles of all people, like Bill Gates.

9: Make a huge impact to computer science itself, like creating CS. They are Alan Turing, John von Neumann and etc.