Hobo Chen

Why Do I Prefer Linux

Days ago, I installed Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS in my thinkpad and nuc.
Surprisingly, in 2020, I found that quite attractive comparing to other OS when coding and reading papers.


  • quiet, responsive, much less disturbing
    • completely no windows defender, mac app store update, or anything other than the OS kernel running in backgroud but toublesome to shutdown
    • theoretically no rebooting required by the OS as no windows update or anything like that
    • fan spins much less comparing to windows
  • good command line;
    • though i can run ubuntu in the windows hyper-v or use wsl; there do exist some need that interacting with the local filesystem or some system component like that
    • i am not familiar with powershell
  • reliable
    • simple privilege management methods provided by the OS
    • much less unintentional waking up from sleep


  • no onenote
  • no functional samba support